EQUİPMENT OPERATİON Electric load regulation

The electrical load is regulated by the power station controller impacting on the slave controllers of gas turbine capacity and heat load controllers of waste heat boilers.
The steam turbine operates with sliding parameters under the variable position of the governor valve.
To maximize the plant’s cost efficiency, the impact of station power controller on the slave controllers shall be formed so that only one gas turbine should be in the control mode at a time. Other gas turbine shall operate at their maximum output with maximum efficiency.

Cogeneration load adjustment

The cogeneration load is adjusted on the instructions of the municipal heating system supervisor, with the preset rate of delivery water and its temperature parameters maintained.

Provision is made for two modes of cogeneration load adjustment:
- adjustment with the gas turbines, heat recovery boilers, steam turbines and a cogeneration plant operating;
- adjustment with the gas turbines, heat recovery boilers and cogeneration plant operating (with the steam turbine at a standstill).