LABORATORY SERVİCES The unit chemical control room of ROSMIKS Ltd. at GTPP Tereshkovo is accredited in accordance with International Standard ISO-IEC 17025: 2005 (accreditation number AAF. A.00178 from 26.12.2012).
The main aim of the control room is to ensure trustworthy and accurate measurements. The principles of operation are established in compliance with regulatory instruments for ensuring the uniformity of measurements and their compliance with GOST requirements.

The control room’s technical competence includes chemical control of:

• process water from thermal power stations (crude sewage, clarified, pretreated, demineralized, feed, boiler water, condensate and drain);
• effluent and natural water.
The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instruments and production equipment from world’s leading companies, thus ensuring the required precision and complying with the technical requirements for test methods in regulatory papers. The control room employs skilled chemical water analysis personnel, capable of doing analytical research of various complexity.

Contact the control room:

Tel.: 8 (925) 082-53-26