SALES OF POWER AND HEAT Interaction between energy consumers and producers on the Moscow retail market

The energy cost for retail consumer is the sum total of the following constituents: wholesale market prices communicated by guarantee supplier (GS) + GS’s adjustable supply margin+ adjustable transmission tariff + fee for infrastructure services (minimum) in accordance with the price categories:

Capacity Planning Transmission
  Energy Capacity          
I Flat rate tariff - Flat rate tariff Ilntegra + -
II Flat rate tariff
by time of the day
- Flat rate tariff Zonal + -
III + + - Flat rate tariff Hourly + +
IV + + - Double-rate tariff Hourly + +
V + + + Flat rate tariff Hourly + +
VI + + + Double-rate tariff Hourly + +
The current scheme for power supply to retail consumers

The consumer shall pay as per the power supply contracts to Mosenergosbyt for consumed electric power (capacity) in accordance with the selected price category (PC); for electricity transmission services provided by a network organization at the rate set by the Regional Energy Commission (REC) of Moscow, and the adjustable supply margin fixed for Mosenergosbyt by the Moscow REC.

Signing the energy (capacity) purchase-sale contract with power producer (without modifying the connections) - a review of existing regulation

Russian Government’s Resolution No. 442 "On Retail Energy Markets ..“, dated May 4, 12
"6. Consumers (buyers) involved in energy retail transactions, are entitled to purchase electric energy ... from guarantee suppliers, power (capacity) suppliers and producers on retail markets."
27. “Energy (capacity) shall be sold on the retail markets on the basis of the following types of contract: power supply agreement; energy (capacity) sale agreement.”
"50. The power supply agreement... with the guarantee supplier shall stipulate the consumer's right ... to unilaterally reduce the amount of electricity (capacity) purchased from the GS, stating its intention to buy part of energy (capacity) under the energy sale agreement concluded with the power producer on the retail market, which entails a change in contractual terms, as regards the procedure of determining the amount of energy (capacity) supplied by the contractual guarantee supplier, over the settlement period ...
... From the date of the change as per this clause of the power supply agreement with the guarantee supplier to pay the guarantee supplier for the energy transmission services in the amount corresponding to the entire volume of consumed energy (capacity). "
The current regulatory framework of the Russian Federation expressly provides for a possibility of concluding a purchase-sale agreement with the power producer, while enlarging upon the mechanism of interaction. In this case, the contract with the GS is not rescinded and the power supply procedure does not change.

Power supply procedure under energy sale agreement with with power producer on the retail market

For the consumer, the given plan of engagement spells economic benefits due to reduced total cost of energy (in the lack of supply margin set by GS).

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