Environmental policies of ROSMIKS are based on realization of the strategy of international group ZORLU: “generating better and cleaner energy”.

The fundamental principles of ROSMIKS’ environmental policies are as follows:
• compliance with international and Russian legislation to the best of economic and technical potential;
• energy efficiency and rational use of natural resources and energy in generating, transmitting, distributing and consuming electricity and heat;
• prioritizing the implementation of most advanced technologies and measures to minimize environmental damage;
• prioritizing preventive measures over measures to eliminate environmental damage;
• openness and accessibility of environmental information to all parties concerned;
• continuous improvement of environmental protection activities, environmental awareness and culture of the staff.

These policies and strategies shall be implemented by achieving the following objectives:
• ensuring compliance with environmental protection legislation and corporate standards;
• identifying the environmental aspects in the company’s activities as well as environmental risks;
• implementing preventive measures to ensure environmental safety and total absence of significant environmental incidents;
• rational use of natural resources;
• finding technical capabilities to minimize all negative impacts on the environment and their consequences, including the reduction of CO2 emissions resulting from industrial and economic activities;
• building the environmental protection culture;
• opting for high environmental standards and sticking to them in business activities.

To achieve the set goals, ROSMIKS performs the following tasks:

1. Continuous improvement of the environmental management system introduced by the Company in 2013 with due regard for the requirements of international standard ISO 14001 and following consistently in everyday practices;

2. Developing awareness of the Company’s employees in business activities by bringing home to each employee of the importance to strictly adhere to the Company’s environmental policies;

3. Developing the in-house confidential discourse to rule out the practice of drawing a curtain on any violations of the environmental protection requirements (EP);

4. Raising the competence of the Company's employees as regards the environmental safety concerns in managerial decision-making and in daily production and economic activities;

5. Tightening the control over the Company’s contractors;

6. Enhancing collaboration with executive authorities on problems of environmental protection in the course of productive activities;

7. Revising, updating and improving the Company’s environmental policies as required.

To reach the set targets, ROSMIKS performs the following functions:

1. In the field of environmental protection:
1.1. Implementing air protection measures;
1.2. Implementing waste handling procedures.

2. In the field of environmental damage minimization:
2.1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions:
2.1.1. Minimizing fuel consumption;
2.1.2. Minimizing the waste amounts;
2.1.3. Optimizing the power equipment operation.
2.2. Identifying environmental aspects:
2.2.1. Exercising the production control;
2.1.2. Including in agreements with contractors the environmental protection requirements;
2.1.3. Drawing and executing plans for prevention and elimination of the consequences of accidents and emergencies.

3. In the field of raising the environmental protection culture:
3.1. Staff training;
3.2. Raising environmental protection awareness of the staff.

4. In the field of providing ample resources for reaching the goal:
4.1. Including environmental protection measures in the Company’s budget;
4.2. Providing funds for environmental protection activities;
4.3. Providing human resources needed for environmental protection activities.