Zorlu Holding was established in Babadağ, Denizli in 1953. Zorlu assumes a highly important place in the Turkish economy with the sheer extent of its production, exports and employment, as well as its competitive clout in global markets.

Today, Zorlu Holding is one of the strongest and largest productive establishments in Turkish industry with its production capacity, exports, R&D investments into high productivity, and technological superiority. Zorlu Holding’s activities encompass a wide range of areas ranging from textiles to electronics and from energy to real estate.

Zorlu Holding’s growth had been built on its operations in home textiles until the 1980s, but later TAÇ, the leading brand name in home textiles in Turkey, acquired Vestel Elektronik in 1994. This set the stage for the Holding to enter the energy sector together with Zorlu Energy in 1993 and the finance sector with Denizbank in 1997. After transferring Denizbank to Dexia Bank in 2006, the Holding left the finance sector.

Today, Zorlu Holding, along with more than 60 companies in its portfolio, works towards a better future in Turkey and to promote the standard of living of the Turkish people.