Reliable and safe generation of electric and thermal energy for the benefit of our consumers and society as a whole.


- Raising the Company’s effectiveness by attracting new consumers on the basis of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation;
- Technological connection of end users to satisfy their needs for electric and thermal power;
- Development of the Company's production capacity to satisfy the growing public demand for quality electric and thermal power;
- Meeting the current expectations of shareholders and investors, as well as creating prerequisites for increasing the Company’s mid-term and long-term profit;
- Enhancing the Company’s competitive strength in electric and thermal power markets including by streamlining of the Company’s costs;
- Development of socially-oriented policy;
- Increased emphasis on environment protection, occupational health and safety;
- Effective engagement with federal and regional authorities as well as infrastructural organizations with an eye on meeting the needs of the Company and its consumers;
- Developing new lines of the Company’s activity (for example, a reference to services of chemical control rooms);
- Using competitive advantages of the Company as part of a major international Holding for implementing best global management standards and practices.