LLС "ROSMIKS" is one of the largest energy companies in the city of Moscow.

The basic activities of the Company are as follows:
• Generation of electric power;
• Generation of thermal energy.

In the context of the reform of electric power industry in the Moscow Region, the Moscow City Government adopted a number of resolutions aimed at the development and implementation of the long term Energy Strategy of the City of Moscow.

Attracting the private investments in Moscow was launched by the Moscow Government through Decree No. 3-PPot dd. January 13, 2004 "On the development of generation capacity in Moscow" aimed at increasing power generation capacity in the region. The Decree stated the need to improve the reliability of power supply of the city and to this end proposed"... to carry out the introduction of generation capacities through the capital construction of gas turbine units (GTU) of medium and low capacity with higher efficiency and reliability than the existing Moscow TPPs...".

In elaboration of resolution No. 3-PP', and in order to speed up the designing and construction works of gas turbine power plants using modern technologies, the Government of Moscow held the first investment tenders for the construction of gas turbine power plants, among which were "Tereshkovo" and "Kozhukhovo" plants. Following the results of closed competitive tendering, LLC "ROSMIKS" became the investor of projects. Thus, Moscow became the first Russian city where the private investment was attracted in the power industry, and LLC "ROSMIKS"has become first private investor in the country.