• Generation of electricity and heat using state of the art equipment from leading world manufacturers: General Electric (USA), Aalborg Engineering (Denmark), SKODA (Czech Republic), LMF (Austria), EGI (Hungary), EKE (Turkey), ABB ( Switzerland);
• Maximum operating reliability of the main equipment due to essential auxiliary equipment and piping systems;
• The thermal scheme allows to operate in different modes: cogeneration, condensation and any transitional mode – providing for maximum permissible start, stop and load change speeds;
• All necessary equipment and installations are outfitted with automatic control systems (ACS) activated from APCS;
• A distinctive feature of the cogeneration unit is its ability to operate with a steam turbine stopped.


• High efficiency of power generation in the combined gas-steam cycle compared with existing steam turbine power plants;
• Regulation of the electric load occurs under maximum operational efficiency of the power plant;
• The company has technological potential of direct connection of new potential consumers to the gas turbine thermal power plant, as well as consumers willing to increase their electricity consumption reliability and reduce the cost of energy consumed;
• The company is able to supply the generated electricity directly to the retail market consumers at mutually beneficial prices.


• The Company places special emphasis on environmental protection and appropriate policies, which is confirmed by tests carried out and respective certificates;
• Availability of international staff allows the Company to tap into best international practices and to carry out cultural exchange;
• The company has been active in charities.